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Why You Should Remove Your Yard Debris

Jul 18

You find it difficult or impossible to throw away items that have overflowed your yard. Or perhaps you're cleaning up another's collection. You should eliminate any yard or other debris from your property and/or business. You still have questions? These are some things to keep in mind.

Improved peace of your mind

It's probably something you think about every day as you walk past it. It needs to go. However, the task seems daunting. It's possible, but it's not impossible. It is possible to tackle it in small steps or to hire a professional who will sort through the mess and help you get rid of it.

It will bring you peace of mind to de-junk your yard. This is one less thing you will have to worry. It will look so much more attractive and cleaner for you as well as anyone else who is able to see it.

The Risk of Pest Invasions is Reduced

If you have a lot of junk removal Bend Oregon around your yard, it can make a great habitat for pests. Here are some critters that may be living outside.

  • Cockroaches There are so many places where these tiny creatures can live. Cockroaches can be found in food scraps outside. They will soon seek out more food and they will soon make their way inside.
  • Carpenter ants. The old wood in your yard could attract them. A good way to decrease the chances of encountering a Carpenter Ant invasion is to remove water-damaged timber.
  • Mice To attract them, they don't need a food source. All that junk gives them a warm spot in which to build their nests.
  • Other vermin Yards left unattended by junk can also serve as living quarters or hunting grounds to squirrels, raccoons and snakes.


All the junk found outside poses a safety hazard. Not only could it cause injury to you, but also someone else could be injured on the property. This would mean that you would be responsible to pay any medical bills. Most towns have rules about junk piles in their yards. And the local health department may impose penalties on unsafe properties.

It takes time to de-junk your property. You can do it. Your yard won't be an eyesore in the neighborhood but will be safer.

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