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Carpet Cleaning Midland TX

Jan 11


Carpets and rugs get a lot of use over the years. Your carpets are exposed to all kinds of activities, from partying to relaxation. Midland Master Carpet Cleaners offers a specialized carpet cleaning service.

Stains and spills are inevitable with so much happening every day. Even though children and pets can increase the chance of accidents, adults are more likely to get spilled on than their kids. You can save your carpets from these unfortunate incidents by using the Carpet Protectant package from Midland Master Carpet Cleaners.

How our Carpet Cleaning Service Protectant Package Works

Carpets are often stain-resistant. However, the factory-applied stain repellent may become less effective over time. It will eventually fade and your carpets will become more susceptible to staining, often without you realizing it.

This Protectant Package is a complete package that we have created to help you solve this problem. The Midland Master Carpet Cleaners ProtectantTM package is quick-acting and heavy-duty. It works in conjunction with our innovative Hot carbonating Extraction cleaning method.

This package will quickly revive and rejuvenate your stain-resistant carpets. Our technicians will create a strong barrier around carpet fibers that is susceptible to soiling. This will give you a window of opportunity for spillages to be removed before they can sink into your carpets and cause damage.

Our Carpet Cleaning Service Uses Revolutionary Protectants

A trio of innovative protectorates is used to revitalize carpets and strengthen them with incredible stain-resistant power. Let's take a look at the effectiveness of these protectors.

PowerGuard Protectant(r)

Are you using solution-dyed carpets These carpets are best served by the PowerGuard protectorate? The PowerGuard stain protector gives carpets a boost by strengthening their stain resistance. This will give you more peace of mind, and your carpets will look cleaner for longer.

Repel Protectant

You may be astonished at the delicate fibers in your carpets. Our Repel Protectant is the answer.

This protects carpet fibers from damage and provides exceptional results. This liquid-repelling protectant will prevent stains from setting. It also gives you enough time to absorb liquids that could otherwise stain your carpets.

Wool Protectant

Carpets and rugs made from the wool may require a little extra care to maintain their structural integrity over the long term. We have a solution that is specifically designed for these types of carpets.

Our Wool Protectant, which is water-based, has been specifically designed to improve the wool's stain-resisting qualities. This specialized protector will ensure that your wool carpets and rugs are protected against all liquid spillages. It will also keep stains away to preserve the wool's beautiful texture and color.

What is included in the Midland Master Carpet Cleaning Protectant Package?

The Protectant Package does not only include the application of the correct stain-fighting product for your carpet type. Our innovative Carpet Cleaning Midland TX process will bring you the best results, as well as the deep expertise of our technicians.

These are the carpet cleaning services that are included in the Protectant package:

  • Carpet or rug pre-inspection
  • Spot testing is the best way to get optimal results
  • Thorough pre-vacuuming
  • Deep cleaning using Hot Carbonating Extraction
  • Carpet pile grooming:
  • Carpet protector that fights stains

Do you want to do more than just protect your carpet from staining? Our Healthy Carpet Package is a great option. This package includes all the above services, plus a deodorizing product that combats lingering odors and leaves your carpet with a fresh scent.

Get started today with one of our carpet-cleaning service packages!


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